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Natural Dyeing

Can natural dyes play a significant role in our health?

This is a question driving much of my experimentation, how can we use the medicinal properties of natural dyes to benefit our minds and bodies. By using resist dyeing techniques, I have been exploring this art form.

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The epidermis (skin) is our largest organ, spanning across our entire body. 

In order to feel our best our skin must be taken care of. This involves using comfortable, breathable fabrics. When designing, I look to create beautiful pieces which come into contact with our skin, making us look and feel our very best. 


How can textiles and furniture be integrated together?

In my exploration of textiles, I have had the opportunity to pursue objects which could incorporate or hold my textiles. Furniture presents an excellent option to pursue this connection.

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Digital Printmaking

Learning the value of digital work.

During my time as a student in Sheridan College's Craft and Design program, I have had the opportunity to learn new skills, including the art of digital printmaking.


A passion finally pursued.

I have been deeply interested in weaving for decades, and finally, have been working to create my own woven pieces. Through the combination of purchased and self-dyed yarns, I have been experimenting with the art of weaving.

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Learning how to tuft.

With several projects centered around learning how to tuft carpets and wall hangings, I am pursuing this fibre art with pleasure and joy.

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