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Oracle Gray

Textile & Furniture Designer

Carole Sprickerhoff is a mature student returning to her education and following her passion for textiles, biology, interior decorating and getting messy in the studio. She is interested in screen printing, natural dyes and Japanese-inspired textile methods. Carole has been passionate about plants and gardening since childhood; she is in the process of creating a dye garden and has been investigating growing her own fibres from scratch, which she will spin and weave into her own bespoke fabrics. Before Craft & Design, she was pursuing a diploma in Interior Decorating; lots of what she learnt in that program is relevant to her work in textiles and furniture.

Artist Portrait


2021 - 2024

Sheridan College

Craft & Design - Textiles & Furniture

2020 - 2020

Sheridan College

Interior Decorating

1987 - 1991

University of Waterloo

B.Sc. (Biology)

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